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Thank you for choosing us to plan and research a quote, customised just for YOU for your next vacation! We are truly excited to work with you and bring your travel goals to life! To begin the process, please choose your preferred travel planning package below that correlates with the vacation you would like to have planned and booked. 

Why choose us to plan your custom trip? It's simple! We save you the time, headache and stress of having to do it all your own, especially with all the conflicting information online with booking engines who don't have your back. We do all the heavy lifting by cutting through the clutter  based on your preferences and budget and sift through endless reviews to offer you the best value for money. Travel in this new normal with COVID-19 can be complicated and you should definitely have the luxury of a travel professional in your corner. We have a wide network of industry professionals and partners and we leverage our connections to advocate on your behalf should any issues arise. With our hands-on approach, we're also here to support you before, during and even after your trip! 

Don’t see an option for what you need or not sure which package to choose based on your specific requests? No worries!
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NB. Custom flight & hotel package options do not include us booking tours/excursions/activities. Self-booking tour/excursion link is provided with recommended options for you to book your own tours/excursions at your leisure. To upgrade your package, please add on the custom itinerary/concierge package below and select your desired option OR choose from one of our curated "Express Packages" below. 


Custom Vacation Package 1 - BDS$30


  • Package for 1-9 travellers to C'bbean, US, CAN, Mexico & LATAM (e.g. Panama) destinations only.

  • 1 destination + 1 travel date researched only 

  • Includes 2 quotes (2 hotels + flight options)
  • NB. This package option does not include us booking tours/excursions/activities.
  • Self-booking tour/excursion links provided.