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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use a Travel Advisor?
    When booking a vacation, the last thing you as traveller should have to do is worry, after all you are going on vacation to relax and get away from the stresses of work and life in general. We are here to walk you through the entire process, answer your questions, and design an exciting vacation just for you with ongoing support. No website or search engine can do it our personalized way.
  • Where is your office located?
    We are located at #2 Ronald Tree House, 10th Avenue Belleville, St. Michael (corner of Pine Road & 10th Avenue; yellow Plantation style building opposite Ace Pharmacy & the Dermatological Institute).
  • Do you do walk ins?
    No, our office hours are by appointment only. We offer personalized travel services to our clients on a part time basis.
  • Do you charge a retainer fee for research and travel planning?
    Yes, effective February 1, 2020, a non-refundable Research & Planning Retainer Fee will be implemented for some of our travel services EXCEPT cruise only requests & our pre-designed packages. This one-time fee is separate from the total trip cost and must be paid prior to a Travel Advisor commencing any research, booking or concierge services. No quotations will be processed until the planning fee is received. The Trip Planning Retainer Fee includes: custom itinerary, flights, hotels, tours, and ongoing support before, during and after travel. Once a customised quotation request is received, we will schedule a free 5 minute consultation call prior to payment of the planning fee, to explain our booking process and discuss your proposed travel plans. If you wish to proceed, you will be provided with our Planning Fee Agreement and only ONE person has to submit payment to begin service. Travel must be booked within 30 days of the provided quotation, or a new fee will be assessed. No exceptions will be made.​ ​CLICK HERE TO REVIEW OUR RESEARCH & TRIP PLANNING FEES SCHEDULE.
    Initial free consultation call to discuss your travel plans. Your preferred choice from two (2) quotation options (i.e. one destination and two revisions after the initial quote or two destinations and a revision of one after the initial quote). Personalized destination research to design a travel package customized specifically for you. Booking and management of all trip components. Up to three (3) hotel options to choose from based on your budget (where applicable). Maximum of two (2) revisions only depending on quotation option selected. Unlimited support from time of booking a travel planning service until you return from your trip. NB. Requests for updated pricing or general queries concerning the selected trip prior to the 30 day booking window will not attract additional fees. Prices are always subject to change after initial quotation and until payment is applied.
  • ​​Trips/packages we post or advertise:
    There are no planning retainer fees for our pre-designed packages that we advertise or for our hosted group trips. Any changes to dates, hotels or destinations will be treated as a new travel request.
  • Methods of payment:
    Paypal Online bank transfer via FCIB, Scotiabank or RBC mMoney App - accessed from our website under Payment Tab Cash at our Travel Office in Belleville (by appointment only) NB. *The Planning Retainer Fee is subject to change based on complexity of itinerary.
  • Why do you require a Trip Planning Retainer Fee?
    We require a Planning Retainer Fee because we are a professional service provider and like most professional service providers, we must charge a fee to remain in business. We have provided free research & planning services since commencing operations in 2015, however this is no longer sustainable for our small business. The planning process is the most important step and we will do all the heavy lifting for you. It takes a considerable amount of time to research and create a memorable, hassle free travel experience. Our nominal fees are intended to ensure that our clients receive the quality of service expected and deserved. Most of our clients will agree that a planning fee is a small price to pay to ensure that their travel is personalized and booked by an experienced & knowledgeable Travel Advisor. If you do not wish to pay a planning concierge fee, there are many online booking engines and you are free to research and book your own travel arrangements.
  • I’ve never worked with a travel agent before. What do I need to know?
    It’s understandable that you may feel limited by your vacation budget. That’s why The Travel Empire is dedicated to helping you receive the best possible value. As your personal Travel Advisor, I’ll devote time and effort to making sure you’re happy with your travel options. If you need any assistance, I’m just a phone call or e-mail away, so you’ll receive the immediate attention you not only need, but also deserve. Life happens, and in the rare case that something on your trip doesn’t go as planned, I’ll be here to resolve the problem, so you can relax and enjoy. Planning a vacation with The Travel Empire will save you both time and money because with some effort and organization, I’ll handle all your travel arrangements.
  • Is there anything you don’t book?
    We can technically book anything, however flight only bookings are not commissionable for travel agencies and therefore will attract a service fee. You are always free to book your flights online directly with the airline as agencies seldom get discounts on flights. Service fees will apply for flight only bookings if you wish to proceed. Click HERE to review our Research & Trip Planning Fees Schedule. NOTE: We do not work with companies or hotels that do not work with travel agents (ie. small bed & breakfast properties, or websites like AirBnB, VRBO, Homeaway etc.), you will have to book these directly.
  • What is a honeymoon registry?
    It's a wedding registry for your honeymoon and works similar to a traditional department store registry. Guests can purchase portions of your honeymoon as wedding gifts. You receive the funds or the funds are applied to pay for what your guests have purchased. Begin your life together with an unforgettable honeymoon experience by creating your own customised registry. You will be giving your wedding guests a convenient gift alternative to crockware or household appliances and a way to be a part of your lasting honeymoon memories. You can also use a honeymoon registry in addition to a traditional registry so that guests have a choice of physical gifts vs purchasing an experience.
  • What are the benefits of a honeymoon registry?
    1. Wedding couples can register for gifts they may desire more than physical gifts. 2. Increased funds available for a honeymoon can open up activities that the couple may have otherwise been unable to afford. 3. Gift giving process is simplified for wedding guests who won't need to drive to the store or worry about gift wrapping. 4. It's a huge time saver. Couples have everything organized in an online registry account, no envelopes to handle, no accounting to do. 5. It allows couples to plan ahead and pre-book their activities or upgrades. 6. Couples can take longer and more luxurious honeymoons. 7. Guests may feel their gift will help provide a lifelong memory. This may be more appealing to them than a typical houseware gift. 8. The "Thank You" card process may be simplified for the wedding couple. 9. Honeymoon registries are particularly valuable to those who value experiences over possessions. 10. When booking our specialty honeymoon package, you will receive a complimentary honeymoon registry hosted on our website, and a Free Save the Date and email announcement to your wedding guests to announce your registry.
  • Why work with a romance specialist?
    Your honeymoon is not just another vacation – it’s a very special time in your life as a couple when all the craziness of the wedding is behind you and it’s finally time for the two of you to start your new life together and create lasting memories. You want it to be perfect! A Romance Travel Specialist is very much like your wedding coordinator, making everything stress free and seamless behind the scenes. ​ Planning your honeymoon should start months before the wedding. Popular destinations and the best honeymoon resorts tend to sell out quickly, so the earlier you plan, the more options you’ll find. There are many details and choices to be made, and we can help guide you through the big decisions, like where to stay and what activities to plan. It can be fun to explore the many top honeymoon destinations, but there are many factors to consider before making a final decision. What type of location would you prefer? Tropical, exotic, city? When will you be travelling? Is money a factor? How do you want to spend your time? Lounging by the beach, exploring, snorkeling, eating fine cuisine? By answering all of these questions with a Romance Specialist, we can help pinpoint destinations that are most appealing based on our experience and expertise. ​ The most popular honeymoon hot spots include: Hawaii Mexico Caribbean Islands Tahiti Dubai Cruising Maldives We blend our knowledge and your vision to create a honeymoon that satisfies both of you. You’ll be confident you are getting the honeymoon of your dreams with The Travel Empire!
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