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So what type of trip makes the perfect honeymoon?
An All Inclusive Resort … a  Eurotrip Adventure  … a Bucketlist Experience…  a  Cruise? 
There are as many right answers to that question as there are couples getting married, since every couple has their own unique wish list for what will fit them and make their honeymoon special.
The question really is … what is your perfect honeymoon style?
All-Inclusive Resorts
Located throughout the Caribbean & Mexico – the All Inclusive Resort experience has really been taken to a whole new level of luxury and can offer a great value for just about every honeymoon couple.  Gone are the days of Spring Break crowds and lukewarm buffets as the only options – many All Inclusive Resorts now offer a Premier, Adult Only, 5 Star experience with Gourmet A la Carte dining and top shelf liquor.
Butler Service – yes please! The level of luxury is constantly expanding and you can be pampered to your heart's (and budget's) content!
An All Inclusive Resort might be right for you if…
  • You enjoy a tropical setting and being pampered
  • You want to travel to a destination that is easy to get to, to start the relaxation and cuddle time asap
  • You like having all your food, drink, entertainment and some excursions included for one price
  • You want your biggest decisions of the day being whether to start on the beach and then move to the pool or vice versa
  • You want easy access to optional day trips such as catamaran excursions, scuba/snorkeling, hiking, zip lining, golf, discovering ruins or visiting town
  • You like the ability to put down a small deposit and making payments
  • You plan on using a Honeymoon Registry
Important Note – not all destinations and resorts are created equal – each one has its own unique characteristics and personality. This is why a great deal of time is spent getting to know you as a couple before any specific recommendation is made.
A Eurotrip Adventure
Europe with her history and culture has long been a draw to many honeymoon couples and we have the expertise and connections to customize your journey to exactly the experience the two of you are looking for – whether that is visiting the major cities in various countries or a more in-depth experience within just one.
A Eurotrip Adventure might be calling your name if…
  • The thought of lying on a beach at a tropical resort for a week would drive you crazy.
  • You have always dreamed of walking hand in hand with the love of your life through the streets of Paris or Rome
  • You love to try new foods and experiences – a cooking class in Tuscany anyone?
  • You find the prospect of hopping planes, trains and automobiles exciting
  • You simply must see the sites from Game of Thrones, Outlander, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings
We understand that for many couples this will be their first trip overseas, so we provide complete planning services where every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed, as well as in-travel support available throughout the duration of your trip.
A Buckeltist Experience
Often your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to take that “bucket list” trip to an exotic far off land! Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone and experience an adventure together? Do you dream of riding an elephant, swimming with the sharks or diving the Great Barrier Reef? We can make that happen and more!
A bucketlist destination might be perfect for you if…
  • Traveling to experience an unfamiliar culture is exciting to both of you
  • You have at least 10 nights to travel
  • You are adventurous when it comes to food
  • You understand that exotic sometimes comes with bugs and critters
  • You like the idea of having great stories to tell and bragging rights!
We take the safety and security of our couples extremely seriously and only use trusted and financially sound partners to arrange this type of travel.
A Cruise
Cruises are a great option for a honeymoon –  you can reach just about anywhere in the world,  really only limited by the seasons in each destination. There is a cruise experience to match just about every preference and budget – from large ships with lots of entertainment to small sailing yachts with an intimate number of passengers, and everything in between.
The variety of a Cruise might be just the ticket if…
  • Staying in one place for a whole week or more seems boring, but you don’t want the headaches of packing and unpacking in a new location every few days
  • You prefer the predictable comforts of a fully outfitted cabin
  • You have a flexible schedule and don’t mind departing for your honeymoon a few days or weeks after the wedding
  • You love the idea of a more in-depth visit to a city/island before or after your cruise and still getting to sample other destinations on one trip
  • You are not an adventurous eater – you can eat to your heart’s content on the ship and still sample the local cuisine
Cruising is a very stress-free way to travel and a great option to book well in advance and pay in installments. A cruise is also a perfect fit for those couples that would like to make use of a honeymoon registry as it is very easy for us to include port experiences, spa treatments and onboard credit on behalf of their guests.
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