We have an easy to follow process when working with our clients to plan their custom travel experiences. 
Our planning process starts and ends with You!
1. Submit your customised travel quotation form. (Steps 1-2 can be done interchangeably)
2. Schedule your complimentary consultation call so we can learn more about your travel plans, and to see if we are a good fit for you. There's no obligation to book with us.
3. If you decide to work with The Travel Empire, we’ll send you our planning service agreement for you to review and sign and pay the applicable planning & design fee.
4. Now for the exciting part! We’ll start researching and designing the perfect trip for you! We’ll provide you with quotation options based on your customised requests and our discussions for you to choose from.
5. Once you’ve selected a package from the quotation options, we’ll get your vacation booked! We’ll be there to help with questions and concerns from the time your trip is booked until you return home!

Ready to relax — so you can finally recharge? Let us plan you custom trip today!



In order, to perform the professional services required to plan and coordinate a memorable travel experience for you, our Agency charges planning and service fees for customised travel quotations. Custom travel planning is quite involved and time intense -- there are many moving parts and details. It requires expertise and research to provide you with the right recommendations based on your preferences and needs, to cross all the “t’s” and dot all the “i’s,” and to continue to monitor conditions and changes up to and throughout the trip. 

As your professional Travel Advisor, I join your trusted network of professionals (e.g. attorney, accountant, personal trainer) whom you hire for their skill, knowledge and expertise, and who will ultimately save you considerable time and provide you with a seamless experience. Your personal Travel Advisor is your dedicated advocate before, during and after the trip.  

Our planning fees start at BDS$25 (fee varies based on type of travel) and are non-refundable, non-transferable and are not applied to your vacation package. Payment is due after the initial consultation once you decide to work with us. No research will begin until the planning fee is paid. When you're ready to proceed to work with us, we will send you an invoice. Payments are collected via Paypal, Online Bank Transfer or mMoney.

NB. We reserve the right to change our planning & service fees at any time without prior notice.


Note: Planning fees DO NOT APPLY TO CRUISE ONLY quotation requests. CLICK HERE to access our FREE cruise quotation form.

Last Updated: June 28, 2020

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