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12 Things to do in Vegas for First Timers

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

If this is your first time in Las Vegas, you should know Las Vegas, you should know that it won't be your last. Sin City doesn't take things by halves. It is known throughout the world for its raucous casinos, neon-lit Strip, round-the-clock beverages, and motto "What Happen In Vegas Stays In Vegas." There are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas, including thrilling rides, spectacular circuses, magic performances, themed hotels, top-notch dining options, and much more.

Here are 12 things you must do in Vegas your first time – that are not gambling! You must visit these attractions if you are traveling to Las Vegas.

1. Watch the Bellagio Fountains

Seeing the stunning Bellagio Fountains is one of the most well-liked activities in Las Vegas for first-timers. Every half hour (or 15 minutes, depending on the time of day and season) in front of the renowned Bellagio hotel, this breathtaking water display contains over a thousand jets and lights coordinated to music ranging from classical (Pavarotti to Sinatra) to contemporary pop hits.

One of the top free things to do in Las Vegas, it's a must-see, especially at night when the fountains are lighted by vibrant lights.

2. Enjoy a Gondola Ride at the Venetian

One of the most romantic things to do in Las Vegas is to take a gondola ride at The Venetian, it's like you're being transported to the lovely, twisting canals of Italy's renowned floating city.

There are three well-liked sailing routes that you can select from: the Marco Polo, the Grand Canal, and the San Luca. As you float along the azure lake, Italian opera music is played. It's yet another fantastic location for pictures and memories. Four people are the maximum number of passengers per gondola. It is incredibly fun and undoubtedly one of your most treasured memories.

Pinching pennies? Despite not being the most affordable Las Vegas tourist attraction, purchasing a Madame Tussauds combo ticket will save you some money.

3. Check out Fremont Street

In 1905, Fremont Street was one of the first streets built in Las Vegas. The D and Golden Gate, two notable examples of this area's unique and historic casinos, are located here, along with a wide variety of other bars, restaurants, and live music venues.

4. Take a spin on The LINQ High Roller Ferris Wheel

The high roller, the tallest observation wheel in the world, soars 550 feet over the center of the Las Vegas Strip. This is a fantastic way to get a bird's-eye view of the strip and take in the scenery.

Hot tip: Consider purchasing the Happy Half Hour package, which includes unlimited drinks and enhances the memory of the sky-high loop (well, depending on how much you drink).

5. Attend a Cirque de Soleil show

Cirque du Soleil is known for fusing magic with dance, showmanship, special effects, jaw-dropping acrobatics, don't-try-this-at-home stunts, and thrilling storytelling. They have the reputation for being of the highest caliber, and audiences rarely leave a performance without grinning from ear to ear and feeling grateful for the talented international list of performers.

Top Cirque du Soleil productions include, among others, KA Empire, Mystere, MJ One, Plunge into O, Run, Zumanity, Alegria, and the Beatles Love. The performances may run for two hours.

Remember to purchase a ticket in advance.

6. Visit Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden

This indoor garden, which is housed in the lobby of the renowned Bellagio hotel, features a constantly-changing assortment of flowers, plants, trees, and topiaries that have been skillfully organized by a group of committed horticulturists!

Additionally, there is a gift shop nearby with colorful garden-themed products, fountains, and home accents, as well as the Spa & Salon Bellagio if you feel like treating yourself after your visit.

7. Spend the morning in the Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire National Park is located approximately one hour from Las Vegas. The simplest method to take in the scenery is to drive through the Valley of Fire. Amazing landscapes may be seen from your car thanks to the pink, red, and orange sandstone rocks that surround them.

Highlights include hiking trails that lead to 4,000-year-old petroglyphs (rock carvings) left behind by the Native Americans who previously lived in the area, as well as chances to camp, have a picnic, stargaze, and a whole lot more.

Hot tip: Climb the rock off the side of Mouse Tank Road (coordinates 36°26'56.2"N 114°30'56.3"W) jealousy-evoking photo that shows off the incredible landscape.

8. Zoom above the city on a zipline

Ziplining across the Fremont Street Experience is one of the most well-liked (and unquestionably the most enjoyable) activities to do in Las Vegas. The lower-level SlotZilla zipline, which is almost 800 feet long and rises 115 feet over the open-air mall, launches you from the largest slot machine in the world, giving you a birds-eye perspective of the activity below.

It's no wonder that zip-lining has turned into one of the most well-liked activities in Las Vegas for first-time visitors, with all the bright lights, live music, and opportunities for people-watching both Downtown and on the Strip.

9. Step into a psychedelic future at Area 15

Area 15 is a new complex off The Strip that has swiftly grown to be one of Vegas' most popular indoor locations for its crazy and fascinating sci-fi-themed activities, not to be mistaken with the iconic Area 51 (which is a top-secret military base about 80 miles north of the city).

It includes a variety of bars (check out the Oddwood cocktail bar, which is covered by a shimmering electric forest), restaurants, art galleries, and retail stores, as well as a number of immersive experiences. For example, you can test your aim at the ax-throwing station, button-mash at the Emporium arcade, or unleash your inner Maverick at the flight simulator. You should also visit Meow Wolf, a futuristic and artistic playground made to enthrall, con

10. Go see a Magic Show