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Ten Beach Destinations to visit this 2022

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Where should you go this 2022? Where should I travel next? These are the questions that everyone is asking now that international travel is resuming, thanks to the easing of travel restrictions in many areas across the world and an increase in demand for all those beach getaways that were put on hold during the pandemic.

In the tropics, it seems like everything is possible. With so many activities to keep you occupied, from diving, sailing, and merely just having fun under the sun. There's nothing like sinking your toes into the sands of a tropical beach and inhaling the sunkissed sensations.

This is a list for individuals who are unsure where to spend your long-awaited escape and are looking for the perfect beach vacation.

St. Lucia

The scenery of Saint Lucia is as rich as her history. There are no two places on the island that are alike! Some regions of Saint Lucia are great for lively nightlife and beach parties, while other provides an opportunity to get away from it all and explore lush jungles and peaceful views.


Jamaica offers a stunning palette of sensations, a kaleidoscope of colors and noises that make the island the most precious jewel in the Caribbean, from each morning's glorious sunrise to the ocean swallowing the sun at night. It is a land with a distinct culture, exciting activities, magnificent scenery, and friendly people.


Mexico is a popular tourist destination not only because of its history, traditions, culture, people's warmth, and wonderful cuisine but also because of the beauty and variety of beaches found across the country. Whether you want to relax in an all-inclusive hotel by the sea, get in touch with nature, or simply discover new places, Mexico's beaches have everything you need for a fantastic vacation.

St. Maarten

St. Maarten, the smallest landmass with two nations and the home of the "Friendly People," invites you to discover the island's true magic. Find a tropical paradise with pristine beaches and clear skies that is as diversified as any cosmopolitan city while remaining as inviting and familiar as your hometown. Where laid-back tropical vibes give way to exuberant rhythms and mouthwatering cuisine, and European culture meets Caribbean flair.


Panama is a one-of-a-kind country that rewards exploration by combining countless sights and sensations into a 30,000-square-mile area. Panama's unique setting offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A diverse range of rainforests, a desert, and stunning beaches on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts are all within driving distance of a cosmopolitan city.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is the land of peace and relaxation by the sea, with one of the Caribbean region's longest white sand coastlines–a massive 48 kilometers (30 miles), accented by sky-reaching coconut palms. All-inclusive resorts and boutique hideaways along the coast from Uvero Alto to Cap Cana, where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean, offering all the fancies and conveniences of modern seaside living.


The Bahamas may be one of North America's most well-known and visited island getaways, but this magnificent archipelago with world-class beaches also includes some exotic, less-traveled locations. The Bahamian experience offers seaside cocktails and jaw-dropping sunsets, but also unmatched cuisine, fantastic shopping, and activity-filled itineraries for the whole family, all just a short distance from the Florida coast. The Bahamas is an idyllic environment for outstanding sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and ideal travel.


Aruba offers the kind of constant, near-perfect weather that draws travelers in droves. The island, which is located just off the coast of Venezuela and outside of the hurricane belt, has year-round temperatures in the mid-80s, cool trade winds, and little yearly rainfall (approximately 20 inches per year).

It's easy to see why this small island has the highest repeat visitor ratio in the Caribbean, with its eclectic range of luxury resorts, cosmopolitan eating scene, outstanding casinos, and friendly residents. Of course, having some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world may contribute to its enduring popularity.


Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean, is a hidden gem with unspoiled beauty and a lifestyle so pure and true that you'll feel instantly revitalized. Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique, a tri-island destination in the eastern Caribbean just south of Barbados, are known for their aromatic spices and organic chocolate. The Pure Grenada experience includes 40 white sand beaches, including the world-famous Grand Anse Beach, 15 breathtaking waterfalls, 5 chocolate factories, 3 rum distilleries, and over 30 unforgettable dive sites, including the Caribbean's largest shipwreck, the 'Bianca C,' and the World's First Underwater Sculpture Park.


Greater Miami is known for its rich tropical scenery, pulsing urban energy, and world-class cultural scene. But it's the beaches, which stretch for more than 20 miles along the Atlantic coast, that constantly top visitors' to-do lists. And with good reason! The destination offers the right beach for every traveler, whether you're looking for privacy at a secluded beach within a park or want to see and be seen on vibrant strips where people-watching is a major attraction, with sandy strips ranging from Homestead to Sunny Isles Beach. Warm blue waters, soft sand, and gentle breezes quickly entice travelers, who discover that when they're in Miami, every day can be Beach Day.

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